Top 4 Unexpected Lessons from Learning to Eat Clean

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

In honour of this encouraging, inspiring, enlightening, life-changing portion of my food journey, I give to you The Top 4 Unexpected Lessons from Learning to Eat Clean:

1. Plan a Menu

Confession: I am not really good at this at all.

My tendency is to make meals spontaneously out of ingredients on hand. The drawback is that I end up wasting ingredients because I forget that I have them.

Perhaps this happens to you too.

You clean out your fridge and exclaim, "Oh! I forgot that we had this!" at the sight of a now-rottenfood item.

But with a meal plan, I did not panic when my fridge was almost empty, because what remained was exactly what was needed for the next planned meal.

2. Purge the Plastic, Part 1

I did not realise it, but my cupboards needed a makeover.

I took all of the spices, beans and rice and other foods that were packaged in soft plastic and transferred them to see-through glass jars.


· I can see everything that I have on hand - and how much.

· My cupboards look nicer, neater and cleaner.

· Food waste is reduced because food is no longer sitting for years.

· My stress is reduced, and my mental health is improved because of less clutter.

3. Purge the Plastic, Part 2

Do you have a drawer full of plastic containers at home?

Have you ever heard that plastics release toxins into food? Perhaps you have heard of the risks through the Food Network, Harvard Health or Food Matters.

As I read Smith & Lourie’s “Slow Death By Rubber Duck” for an ACN assignment, I realized that I needed to be urgent in getting our food out of plastic containers.

Did the glass containers cost more than plastic? Yes.

Is the peace of mind that comes with protecting my family, worth it? Yes, Indeed!

4. Start from Scratch

Bottom line: It is possible and rewarding to make clean versions of your favourite foods. It takes time and planning, but it so worthwhile!

As my teenage daughter recently remarked, “Mommy, you have always made great food. Now you’re­­­ making good food with the right ingredients.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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