The High Cost of Organic

In the journey towards healthier food choices there are many obstacles.

One that often arises is the increasing cost of food.  It is easy to talk about eating organic, local, sustainable food, but how much more will these things cost up front?


Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that the heath benefits (including more energy, less illness, freedom from chronic illness) and disease are worth every penny. But when you are in the grocery store and the organic, gluten-free pasta is 3 times as much as the regular gluten-full version, it gives one pause.

I was once in a grocery store and all of my children’s favourite crackers were on sale.  After placing 8 boxes in my cart I started reading the ingredients and woefully put them all back.

You must understand, I had changed how my family was eating and they were feeling deprived of crackers. I almost caved to the allure of convenience, low prices and happy children.

Dring a recent home renovation (that left us without a kitchen) we went back to some of our old eating habits. These included bagels for kid’s lunches, and raisin bread for breakfast because they was cheap, easy and convenient. (And we didn’t have a kitchen!)

Now that things are getting back to normal, it is time start eating in a more health promoting way. To be honest, I need to take better care of myself and our family because I can see the difference in all of us.

At this point in our journey the goal is see how much it really costs to feed our family of 7 on locally-sourced meat, fruit and vegetables.

There is a local farm called Cooper's that has a CSA that we will be getting some of our food from. They have a farm-share program that runs year-round, where we can get a weekly box of freshly harvested produce.

(They also have the best-tasting sweet corn - which is an added bonus!)

The challenge that we face is that there a lot of us in our family and we are, admittedly, big meat eaters. Reducing the amount of meat and increasing our vegetable intake is key to making our budget work.

We were at Cooper's recent open house and got a tour of the farm.

We tried some of their food, which included 10 varieties of gluten-free sausages and their special version of a healthy hot dogs. We brought home some carrots and cucumbers, which will be part of this week’s dinner menu.

I look forward to sharing meal ideas with you in the coming weeks

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