How My Food Journey (Finally) Got Moving

My earliest memories revolve around cooking with my Granny and Mom in Jamaica.

Life has been very busy over the years: raising our five children and going back into the workforce. As manager of a food preparation company, I encounter many people with health challenges, and often modify recipes for my customers’ dietary restrictions. This is one factor that lead me to hit restart in my personal food journey.

Another inspiration was that, like many women, I feel the burden of providing healthier meals for my family.

Even with years of cooking experience, I felt lost trying to get them off the processed food train.

The final motivation was when a family member had a stroke which resulted in poor health and endless medications. I felt helpless, and then realized that one’s diet could help change one’s outcomes.

That idea led me to the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. ACN was in line with the things I was naturally drawn to. So, with much encouragement from my husband, I signed up.

Little did I know, that months later I would graduate as a Culinary Nutrition Expert - with honours and also as a Certified Instructor.

I still have much to learn but the journey has been the real gift. There have been a few tears and discouragements, but so much more joy and hope.

My family is slowly getting off the processed food train: we eat a lot more vegetables, buy our meat and eggs locally, cook more meals from scratch, take hot lunches to school and work in thermoses, and eat far less bread and bagels.

We are moving in the right direction.

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