Learn how to create health-supportive, versatile foods in an efficient time-sensitive manner.
Masterful Meal Prep, Part 1 | Feb 2020

Every family is busy.


Full-time jobs, part-time jobs, small businesses, gym time, social organizations, school, sports, parties, renovations, doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, grocery shopping, clothing shopping, errands, chores. Family, family, family.


Who has time to prepare healthy meals? Who has time to even prepare meals at all?

Why bother attempting to prepare meals when every other block has a drive-thru, fast food restaurant that promises, well, quick at least.


As a mother of five, Chef Michelle understands the struggle completely. That's why she created Masterful Meal Prep.

Join her for a fun, culinary nutrition experience, where you’ll learn how to create health-supportive, versatile foods in an efficient time-sensitive manner.

​We’ll discuss the importance of menu-planning and meal prepping. You will be introduced to strategies to cut down your weekly meal preparation time - without sacrificing food quality. You’ll gain practical experience creating Chef Michelle’s custom recipes from start to finish.

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​All of the recipes are health-supportive, gluten-free, dairy-free and utterly delicious.

You will walk away from this class with:

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  • A better understanding of how to meal prep effectively; from planning to execution.

  • Tools to create a custom meal plan to implement in your own home right away.

  • Knowledge of how to make five versatile dishes that can be used at various mealtimes. (Yes, of course you get to sample them!)

  • A wealth of culinary skills that will help you to cook with confidence – to your own taste - in your own kitchen.

  • Lifestyle recommendations that will complement the dietary advice and recipes.

  • Empowerment to serve and experiment with health-supportive wraps for yourself, your family and friends.

Get ready to become a Master Meal prepper!

As a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, Chef Michelle has extensive experience in recipe development, therapeutic foods and cooking for health. She can help you prepare healthy meals to fit your busy lifestyle.

Length: 3 Hours

Cost: $60

Class Size: 10 Students

Location: Studio Kitchen

Customizable: Yes



Saturday, February 22, 6-9pm

Saturday, February 29, 6-9pm

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