"Great experience and everything tasted so good"
Sara Felushko.jpg
Sarabeth & Brian

Dinner Party

I still remember the Lemon Chicken that Michelle made for me more than 17 years ago.  


How many meals do I remember from a decade and half ago? Even from fine restaurants? Hmmmm … less than 20.

I still remember it: brown, flavourful, juicy and delicious coming out of the oven. Simple and Perfect!  My mouth is watering as I write. 

Dr. Dave & Jane

Wellness Retreat

We highly recommend Michelle Marshall as a caterer.  We used her amazing services at a wellness day we organized for our clinic. Not only was the food delicious, but she helped us with planning the meal and thinking through things that we would have missed in planning an event like that. 


She is extremely easy to work with and has a “no problem” attitude about every suggestion and whim that we had. 


We have recommended her services countless times since then and so have been able to enjoy her cooking in a variety of situations - from weddings to church banquets. 


Whether it is a big event or intimate, Chef Michelle’s catering never disappoints.

Madeline, Gabriel & Daniel

Various Events

Michelle has catered a couple of parties for us and we have been extremely pleased. She is friendly, professional, goes way beyond expectations and she serves with love!


The food is served warm, presented beautifully and most of all, very delicious. She can create any kind of meal or dessert to suit your needs.


She works with you to plan for your event and she pays attention to the smallest details.


We highly recommend Michelle!

Iva & Julian

Rehearsal Dinner

Chef Michelle prepared our rehearsal dinner for 30 people to be served in a downtown loft with a minimal kitchen.


She prepared an amazing salmon dinner to rave reviews by all attendees.  The food was outstanding, her timing was impeccable and she always carried herself with the utmost professionalism.


She considered all logistical details and rolled with all last minute adjustments with ease. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Cooking Class

I found Michelle Marshall's diabetic cooking class very useful.  

Michelle created her own recipe for the class to follow which was creative and delicious.

I would highly recommend her cooking classes and her recipes.  

Rosie & Greg


Twenty years ago, Michelle Marshall catered our wedding. We still remember how delicious the reception meal was.


Over the years, we have attended many events catered by Michelle and the food is always on point!


We are so excited to see where she takes Food Solutions over the next 20 years.


Cooking Class

I had no idea how easy it could be to prepare tasty meals that hit my health goals. While providing tips and tricks along the way, Michelle guided me through creating several amazing meals that I can now make myself.


I was thrilled to find natural, healthy, easy alternatives to packaged foods... ones that taste better than what I used to buy at the store.


Michelle is attentive, knowledgeable, and deeply interested in her clients' health. I recommend her to my friends all the time!

Lee & Frank

Cooking Class

Michelle made food preparation and cooking simple. For someone like me who doesn't really enjoy the task that much, the experience was empowering.

Kevin Lisa.jpg
Lisa & Kevin

Various Events

I have worked with Chef Michelle for over 20 years in the food industry, and her expertise is phenomenal! Her skill and experience at providing delicious food for the soul is something to be enjoyed by everyone.

Michelle has a gift for knowing just what her clients want and need. As a master chef and knowledgeable event planner, she can help strategize the best mouth-watering food options available for each individual budget.

Michelle always uses tasty and healthy ingredients to create yummy and nourishing dishes, and she develops menus suitable for every occasion.


I have used her services for large events,  formal meals, casual parties and small family dinners. And I look forward to the next time I can enjoy her scrumptious cuisine!

Olivia & Samuel

Cooking Classes

My brother Sam and I took cooking classes with Michelle a few years back. It was such a great time of learning how to cook - and getting to taste it afterwards!


Michelle was such an awesome teacher! One time I even dropped her big glass measuring cup and it smashed all over her floor... I felt so bad but she just said "Don't worry Olivia, I'll just get a new one." 


I now love cooking for my family and thanks to Michelle, it tastes really good!


Thank you so much Michelle for having so much patience, and for teaching Sam and I how to cook!

Jim & Melissa


When we thought about our wedding, the day with all of our family and friends attending, we wanted our guests to feel special also. This meant that we needed to have an elegant reception with the best catering possible.


We immediately thought of Michelle because of her reputation for creating amazing food. The meal was outstanding and a highlight of our special day!

Dave & JoAnne

Christmas Dinner Party

Michelle & her crew came through big time for our family & our friends.


As is often the case at Christmas everybody is so overloaded, & although you always wonder what the catering will be like for our 30 family & friends, we had nothing to worry about.

We had rented the guest room at our condo. The food arrived perfectly on time.

From the appetizers to the salmon, prime rib , shrimp cocktail and sides, everything was top notch & perfectly cooked.


We could not have asked for more and it was a huge weight off our shoulders.

We would not hesitate to use Michelle again. 10 out of 10! 


Cooking Class

Michelle is a great teacher and I came out of her class having learned some useful cooking techniques. I made risotto and chocolate chip cookies which I still make for my kids.

Thanks Michelle for teaching this ex-campus student how to survive!

Suzanne & Kevin


Working with Michelle was such a pleasure and a joy as she not only made me feel confident that her service and catering were going to be top notch, but she also had suggestions and creative solutions to things I hadn't even thought of!


I would not hesitate to use her again, or to recommend her for any occasion, large or small!


She is a gem and someone who you can really count on.

Paul and Rachelle.jpg
Rachelle & Paul


Chef Michelle catered our wedding reception. She provided us with several suggestions and helped us create a menu for 224 people!

The meal was exquisite and within our budget. I can still remember how tender the stuffed chicken breast was!

Michelle is very professional and will not accept anything less than 100% satisfaction for her clients. I highly recommend her for any event no matter how big or small. 

Sue Whitfield.jpg
Susan & Kevin


When using Michelle's catering services, she has always been a pleasure to work with. She understands the various dietary needs of today, and the dishes she presents are not only delicious in taste but wonderfully displayed. I would use her services again.


Dinner Party

Michelle catered one of our extended family get-togethers, and we were all so very impressed with the meal that she professionally prepared for us. She is such a lovely person and we enjoyed having her work for us.

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