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Food allergies are on the rise and their prevalence affects us all. Even if you don’t have a food allergy, you probably know someone who does, or must follow certain dietary restrictions at the office or at schools to keep other people safe.

Cooking allergen-friendly food doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful – you can learn to cook with ingredients that help with allergy symptoms and how to make recipes you can eat with confidence.

Join me for a delicious culinary nutrition experience, where you’ll discover how food can play a role in allergy relief, how your immune system and digestive tract are involved, as well as learn how to create delicious allergen-friendly recipes.

All of these recipes are:

  • gluten-free

  • dairy-free

  • nut-free

  • wheat-free

  • soy-free

  • peanut-free

  • egg-free

  • corn-free

  • vegan


You will walk away from this workshop with:

  • Knowledge of what food allergies are and what you can do about them. Do you have a food allergy or intolerance and not even realize it? Learn how to tell.

  • An understanding of the best foods to eat for allergies and what to avoid.

  • 6 delicious and tasty allergen-friendly recipes, from appetizers and side dishes to main meals and desserts.

  • A solid grasp of culinary skills that will invite you to cook with confidence in your own kitchen.

  • Lifestyle recommendations that will complement the dietary advice and recipes.

  • Empowerment to support allergies for yourself, your family and friends.

Allergen-friendly eating is effortless when you have the best foods, recipes and culinary skills to accompany you on your health journey.

As a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, I have extensive experience in recipe development, therapeutic foods and cooking for health. I can help you learn how to create allergen-friendly recipes and have a blast at the same time.

Length: 3 Hours

Cost: $60

Class Size: 10 Students 

Location: Studio Kitchen, Newmarket

Customizable: Yes


Friday, March 27, 7-10pm

Saturday, March 28, 6-9pm

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